Click launch campaign

Role: Designer, art director, animator

Design ask: To produce long and short form launch video ads for Click camera, a trusted camera app built by Nodle

Click Camera is the world's first digital trust network built on the Nodle Chain, empowering creators and consumers to easily authenticate media content amidst the misuse of AI and falsified media. The first primary objective was to create a teaser that provided an enticing sneak peek into the product while encapsulating the essence of the app, its tone of voice, and core message within a concise timeframe. 

Sound explorations, hard-hitting message, strong imagery and core brand elements balanced brevity with comprehensive storytelling, resulting in a teaser that effectively conveyed the essence of Click while building intrigue and anticipation for its launch. Here is a glance at the process of building out the video frame by frame on Figma, with placeholder images, UI steps that needs to be animated, text and so on. With this general sense of timeline, it is then brought over to AfterEffects to animate and piece together with sound.

The second objective was to create a long-form ad and demonstrative video, not only to introduce Click but also to showcase the UI and main functions of the app. Seamlessly blending the problem, story, purpose, function, and solution into 60 seconds, our goal was to provide enough information and anticipation for users to download and actively participate in the app through these two very concise and effective videos.

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