Nodle web redesign

Role: Designer, art director, animator

Design ask: To design and create all visual assets for the refresh of the Nodle website and all it’s sub-brands and sectors

The project of redesigning the Nodle website was aimed at revitalizing the brand’s online presence. The redesign began with redefining a grid to set the boundaries and establish a modern aesthetic that feels fresh and fits seamlessly into the tech and crypto space without appearing too digital or dark.

The grid was the key of this redesign, providing a structured yet flexible framework while remaining user-friendly and accessible. In addition to the grid, we made use of white boxes layered on color, allowing us to utilize the range of colors from Nodle's brand palette, adding vibrancy and style to the site without compromising on readability or functionality. The typography set was also chosen to add to the overall dynamic yet minimal aesthetic of the website, drawing the eye seamlessly through the page.

Overall, the redesign of the Nodle website was not just about updating its look, but about enhancing its functionality and user experience. The result led to a website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and aligned with Nodle's spirit in the crypto space.

Nodle's technology and concepts can be quite complex, often going beyond the understanding of the average user or even the tech-savvy individual. Our constant goal was to make this advanced information accessible and engaging for everyone. To achieve this, we prioritized a straightforward and intuitive structure for our pages, ensuring that users wouldn't get lost while navigating the site. For those interested in the more technical details, we made sure to include clear call-to-action elements, directing them precisely to the sections where they could find in-depth information.

This paired-back simplicity was reflected in various design elements, from the way lists and scrolling were handled to the layout of graphics and text. UI demostrations were direct and all other graphic elements are paired down to limited shapes and sizes. By simplifying these aspects, we created a website that is not only cohesive with the depth of information communicated but also easy to understand and navigate.

Overall, our approach ensured that we are catering to a broad audience without compromising on the richness of the content. 

The following are the 4 styles of graphics used throughout the pages in the Nodle website:

Graphic elements that are distilled to it’s simplest form in order to convey a complex topic quickly in a glance

Step animations were created using only circles to maintain a cohesive and simple story

Utilizing circles-only in 3 different sizes in order to communicate a list of different terms within the same visual language

To add a different dimension to our set of graphics, we created smaller icons in 3D so there is diversity within a page of solid colors and flat graphics